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Found Pet Resources

What to Do If You Find a Pet

  • Keep your distance unless you are sure you can safely handle the animal! DO NOT handle a sick or injured animal. If the animal is sick or injured and you reside in St. Louis County, call the Humane Society of Missouri at 314-647-8800. If you live outside of St. Louis County, call your local Animal Control immediately.
  • If the animal is not sick or injured, take it to the nearest veterinarian, animal shelter or Animal Control to have it scanned for a microchip. If that is not possible, call Animal Control to come to your residence and scan for a chip.
  • If the finder elects to keep the animal at their residence, call area shelters and leave a description. Owners should check display board and lost/found books at shelters.
  • Place and frequently check lost/found ads in newspapers.

If you have found a pet and have chosen to keep it at your residence while looking for the owner, please submit an online report to our agencies.